Thursday, September 17, 2009

Honoring a Fallen Hero


         Sgt 1st Class Jared C. Monti was awarded the first medal of honor of the Obama Administration posthumously today. The honor was awarded for 'conspicuous gallantry and intreptivity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty'. Accepting on his behalf were his parents, no doubt proud of their son's achievment, but,  still would rather have him back.  
              Leading a small 16 man patrol, Sgt Monti and his comrades were attacked by about 50 taliban fighters when private Brian Bradbery was badly injured and unable to move. Bullets flying, he made a first attempt to save his comrade, never one to give up he tried again, but enemy fire got more intense, he stoped to call for help before trying one more time. This time he was hit with a fatal wound. Monti knew he was dying, he said the lords prayer and said 'tell my family I love them.' His bravery inspired the troops and they beat back the enemy. although he fought  hard to save Bradbery, as he and a medic were being raised up in the air the cable snapped and they both died.
                   Three years after his death this deserving man who lost his life trying to save another now gets awarded the highest honor of military declaration. When debating about whether we should stay, leave send more troops or train the police in Afganistan, I hope the sacrifices of men like Sgt 1st Class Jared C. Monti will not be forgotten and will not be in vain.


Numismatic said...

Well you got to look at what the people of America are really against this particular President why is it race or his agenda and I got to say I would never see such a revolt against someone its a little bit much how people are going against him in my opinion I think President Obama needs to step down and walk away. Lou Dobbs has been doing a lot of research and there are not many people siding with him from what I can see, well if you ask me Barack Obama has his hands full. I don't have anything against him but I think is he following what congress says and not sticking to the script he said nothing about sending all those troops to Afghanistan and now that he did that move I lost all respect for him so I say Obama think about what your doing. There are other ways to make some changes and these are not the ones we were promised!

Ron said...

This guy is realy a hero. We need more like him.

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